EZ-ON Products recommends Peroxy – Klean as the exclusive disinfectant to be used on our products.  Peroxy – Klean is a 6% pure hydrogen peroxide solution.  The byproduct is 100% biodegradable, evaporates into water and oxygen and leaves behind NO residue and can kill odors while disinfecting the surface.

EZ-ON Products has done extensive testing and found Peroxy – Klean to be effective in disinfecting while keeping the integrity and safety of our products.

Correct PPE

  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Eye Protection


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Disinfectant Solution with Hydrogen Peroxide

EZ-ON Products exclusively utilizes Peroxy-Klean brand disinfecting solution containing water and hydrogen peroxide which is recognized by the CDC to kill bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19.


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Environmentally Friendly

Hydrogen peroxide (H²O²) is environmentally friendly as it is water (H²O) with an extra molecule of oxygen (O). Applied thinly Peroxy-Klean quickly evaporates into water vapor and oxygen.


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No Surface Preparation and No Wiping

Peroxy-Klean utilized deionized water that has gone through a reverse osmosis process to remove impurities such as salt, chemicals and minerals. This ensures spot free results with no need for surface preparation or wiping after application.


  1. Apply a light spray over the entire EZ-ON product.
  2. Allow product to dry completely before using. (No wiping Necessary)
  3. Do NOT submerge or saturate.

*Peroxy – Klean is a disinfecting solution. For washing instructions see product tag.
*This solution is Premixed and ready to use.
*It is not recommended that any push button gets sprayed with disinfectant.