• Rear Zipper Closure with a Zipper Lock, which stops even the most persistent fingers from unzipping the Max 2 Vest.
  • 3 Zipper options allowing the vest to grow with the passenger.
  • All connector points are not assessible to the passenger, making it very difficult for all of the Houdini’s on your bus to escape
  • Dynamically crash tested for passengers 31 – 168lbs.
  • EZ-ON Max 2 Mount is sold with Vest.
  • Easy no Drill installation
  • For use on school bus
  • Crotch Strap included on ALL Sizes.
  • Sizing according to Chest Measurement.
    • XS 18” – 24” | S 25” – 32” | M 32” – 37” | L 37” – 43”
  • Custom Sizing Available

Suggested Accessories

  • Wrist straps
  • Upper arm straps
  • Ankle straps

  1. Hold vest while passenger steps into crotch straps with the E-Z-ON® parachute logo in front.

  2. Choose one of the (3) zippers that fits child snuggly. Be certain that the vest fits secure.

  3. Hook zipper lock.
    *Keep waist strap low around the hip level.

  4. Adjust crotch straps to shorten or lengthen.
    *To be snug but not tight.

  5. Adjust shoulder straps using adjusters.
    *Pull webbing through adjuster to reduce slack.
    *Do not pull too tight as this will cause vest to pull up off of hips.
    *The hip strap of the vest must stay low around the lap.


  6. Back thread web through bar slides to lock


Tighten vest so that no pinch in the webbing can be achieved on the chest strap. When vest is snug fingers will be unable to grab any webbing.


  1.  Unlock seat and lift up.

  2. Hang shoulder strap from top of seat. SECURING MOUNT STRAP

  3. Wrap mount strap around seat

  4. Connect push button. Face of push button must be against bus seat back.

  5. Tighten webbing by pulling down on the excess webbing.

  6. Webbing must be tight enough to create a crease on the bus seat top.

  7. Close seat bottom, with hip straps on the seat bottom

  8. Lock seat bottom in place.

  9. Properly seat passenger (hips low against the back of the seat and shoulders flush to the seat). 1

  10. Attach hip level tether hooks to the hip level D-rings on EZ-ON Vest. *Be sure that passenger has a properly fitted vest. 1

  11. Tighten hip straps by pulling on the webbing through the tilt adjuster on the back side of the seat. *Goal is to have the hip level d-rings to sink into the seat bite. 1

  12. Loop shoulder strap through D-ring at shoulder level 1

  13. Hook shoulder strap to D-ring on the back of the seat. 1

  14. Tighten shoulder strap by pulling on the loose webbing. *Repeat steps 12 – 14 for second shoulder strap.

Washing Instructions

Cold water only.  Hand or Machine wash on delicate cycle.  Use a mild detergent such as woolite.  Do not Machine Dry.  IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE BLEACH OR DRY-CLEANING PRODUCTS.


EZ-ON Products Stands behind the products we make.  Warranty covers any defects in material or workmanships under normal use during the warranty period.  We will repair or replace product defects for 1 year from manufacturer date.


Death or serious injury can occur if manufacturer’s instructions are not followed correctly.  All EZ-ON Products are dynamically tested to meet NHTSA standards.  Please follow washing instructions on product tag.  Replace product if it is damaged, frayed or has been in a crash.  Recommended replacement after six years.  EZ-ON Products are not liable for injury if these recommendations are not followed.